Disaster Planning

40% of businesses that experience a disaster never reopen. Don’t let yours be one of them.

In today’s economy, commercial real estate facilities and assets are vital; therefore, being secured with not only a disaster plan but having a disaster recovery plan in place has never been more important. Steve can’t emphasize enough how paramount this is that everyone, whether a large or small entity, should take this into consideration.

Steve Slepcevic is an industry-leading Disaster Planning Expert with an experienced team that train, consult, and assist commercial building owners and organizations in the proper and necessary procedures to undertake when a disaster strikes.


From early planning, immediate evacuation procedures using our state of the art app, setting up an initial command post and getting waivers signed, to managing first responders, tenants, restoration contractors, adjusters, as well as the experts needed to complete a total recovery in the shortest amount of time possible, Steve Slepcevic can assist you with all of your disaster preparedness needs.

Steves is an experienced and dedicated disaster planning expert working exclusively for you and has no loyalty to a third party interest such as an insurance company. Leaving your well-being in the hands of an insurance company, their adjuster or their preferred restoration contractor is a recipe for disaster, as each such provider is generally only looking out after the insurance companies’ interest.

Unfortunately, the reality is that failing to prepare for a disaster by engaging and retaining a response team that is loyal to you will cost you later. Being ready to take action can minimize damage, expense and loss of reputation, business, tenants, customers, and vendors – all things that are vital to the survival of your business. Retention of a Disaster Recovery team and precise planning for any disaster allows you to properly plan for the unwanted and unexpected, without having to make split-second decisions that could be the incorrect action at a critical juncture.