Strategic Response Partners Advises Businesses to Take Proactive Measures Ahead of the Impending Hurricane Season

June 1, 2022, Author: Steve Slepcevic

In light of inflation, a fluctuating labor market and supply chain shortages, planning ahead can save lives and property

The simple fact is while we can’t prevent disasters like hurricanes from happening, we can take smart, proactive steps to mitigate damage and save lives.”

— Steve Slepcevic


2021 was the third most active — and third-costliest — hurricane season on record, producing 21 named storms. Last year also had the distinction of having the most hurricanes on record in June, leaving experts to wonder if this will lead to a continuing pattern of early-season hurricanes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 2022 outlook predicts an above-average hurricane season, with some researchers predicting a tumultuous season on par with 2005, when Hurricane Katrina wreaked its deadly havoc upon New Orleans.

And with an above-average hurricane season likely, Strategic Response Partners (SRP) is advising individuals and businesses alike to prepare now to avoid property damage and loss of life — especially since today’s unpredictable state of affairs will significantly impact disaster response and relief.

SRP warns that inflation, ongoing supply chain issues, material and labor shortages, and the soaring costs of fuel will slow response times in already difficult conditions, including hurricanes. Many local vendors that people would typically turn to in the face of disaster have been acquired, lost key employees, cut back services, or shuttered their doors in response to current economic and global conditions. With this in mind, it is now more critical than ever that businesses and individuals each revisit their disaster response plans, if they do already have one, to help ensure the greatest likelihood of success should disaster ever strike. If not, now is the time to create and implement a well thought out and effective plan.

An effective disaster response starts with reviewing insurance policies. Unbeknownst to many customers, various insurers have recently made policy changes that may impact the actual amount the insurance companies will cover. Changes include higher windstorm deductibles, limitations on coverage, and new exclusions and/or extensions. While insurance reviews are a critical first step in disaster planning, and insuring against loss is smart, working to prevent loss from ever happening or minimizing such loss prior to the occurrence of any catastrophic event is unquestionably smarter.

While June 1 is the official start of the hurricane season, the first hurricane of 2022, Hurricane Agatha, has already made landfall in Mexico. And with trends over the past few years indicating the occurrence of more devastating storms earlier in the season, the time to either create or revisit those plans to help proactively save lives and property is now.

“The simple fact is while we can’t prevent disasters like hurricanes from happening, we can take smart, proactive steps to mitigate damage and potentially save lives,” Steve Slepcevic, CEO of Strategic Response Partners. “Preventing further devastation on the heels of a natural disaster is in our control and a responsibility that should be taken seriously.”

Guided by its mission to help people and businesses mitigate damage in the face of natural disasters, SRP offers a highly-trained team that can help clients establish or update a well-vetted disaster plan that can be designed and implemented for various scenarios. SRP boasts a robust internationally acclaimed network of engineers, environmental consultants, project managers, insurance consultants, and skilled emergency response vendors who operate both across the United States as well as across all other continents and are all poised for immediate pre- and post-disaster response. Armed with decades of experience and expertise, SRP’s elite team of response professionals ensures clients are set up for success should a large-scale storm or disaster ever occur.

SRP’s response team is able to help clients be more responsive and resilient in the face of disaster — whether before, during, or after. The firm offers pre-planning services such as comprehensive property inspections insurance audits, and the implementation of disaster-specific prevention plans. During disasters, SRP also offers real-time on-ground support, including paramedics, life-saving equipment, as well as asset protection and recovery. Moreover, throughout all phases of a disaster, SRP’s team can provide highly trained armed or unarmed security professionals to assist in preventing further loss, whether from looting, or injuries from people entering unsafe buildings. SRP can also deploy highly-trained structural engineers to help assess a building’s immediate hazards and expedite both pre-storm preparedness as well as post-storm restoration.

“EMS and law enforcement are already overwhelmed due to understaffing. These issues are only compounded during a disaster,” said Slepcevic. “When response time is delayed, for whatever reason, additional injury, confusion, and property losses are imminent. We seek to mitigate these effects with smart pre-disaster planning and on-ground solutions that assist you in protecting lives and property, alike.”

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